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Hey True Value!

First … what a treat it was to be with you in Dallas for your annual conference. I have the privilege of speaking at a number of these each year and I have not participated in one that was as well organized and run as professionally as yours! I certainly hope to have that same privilege again one day …

When we were together I shared with you that we have a follow-up process we utilize to make sure you get the very most possible from your investment in attending our session. That follow-up includes three pieces. They are;

  1. A voice over of the original presentation we presented in Dallas for your review and to share with your team. You can access that presentation by Clicking On the Image Above!
  2. Then on May 14th, at 1pm CST we will host a live webinar that will be powered by your FAQ’s around your experience in implementing the things we discussed during the program in Dallas. To watch the replay of the FAQ Webinar Click On the 2nd Image Above!
  3. And then the third phase will include a series of 4 short instructional videos designed to help drive this continuous improvement further out into the future. You will receive those around the first of the month beginning in July.

thoughtful question

If you have questions we can answer or if we can be of any additional service to you during this follow-up process please feel free to leave them in the Comments section below or e-mail me

We hope you enjoy and learn from these events!

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Jim Jacobus, CSP

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  1. I tried a number of times to get onto the live webinar at 11am pacific and was unable to get through. I was able to register (3 times!) but I kept getting a web page “This page unavailable”

    This makes me sad because I found your original presentation one of the most insightful AND usable ones I had seed at a market. My wife and have already started to use it.

    1. Post

      Bruce …

      I am so sorry to hear that! We did the webinar with folks in attendance so I have no idea what went wrong. We will be posting the replay for anyone who wants to to review and I will pass that on to you when it is ready. Also, would be glad to get on the phone with you at any time and answer whatever questions you might have one on one. Again, sorry to hear of the technical difficulties … Jim Jacobus

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