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Jim Jacobus is a “sales guy” … always has been and always will be! When done properly he believes it is among the most honorable professions on the planet. Jacobus was fortunate to have spent 17 years in the sales and sales management with a couple of America’s top sales organizations. And, for almost 3 decades he has been a consultant and speaker serving over 1,100 of the worlds elite organizations both large and small. Jim shares with folks all the time that he finds it very difficult to call what he does work!

One of his favorite quotes says … “the line between work and play should be so thin that most people would have a hard time determining which one we’re doing!” You would be hard pressed to ever guess which one he is engaged in day in and day out!

Today Jacobus’ work is focused on assisting his clients in “selecting, developing and retaining” the sales talent they need to compete and win in an ultra competitive environment!

  • Selection – how do you get the right talent onboard and up to speed as fast as possible? This is perhaps the single most overlooked and yet critical aspect of building a solid sales team! Jacobus and his team have very simple, yet proven processes (see 30 years experience and 1,100+ clients above!) that will make a significant measurable difference in your bottom line!
  • Development – how do you build just the right training/coaching/management processes needed to get the most of the talent you already have on board. It isn’t with “canned” sales training delivered by someone that hasn’t ever sold at a high level. Take a look at the “Our Favorite Projects” page to get an idea of how detailed a successful sales training program is put together!
  • Retention – get the right talent on board, train them to perform at a high level and then for heaven’s sake … keep them on board to maximize your return on investment! While we look upstream (selection) and downstream (development) we also look at all of the other things that impact sales performance like comp plans, customer service, billing and many other areas as well. That said … the thing we look at the closest is sales management! The highest paid, poorest developed yet most critical position in any sales organization is the sales management team! If you  want to get a huge “bang for your buck” talk with us about training or coaching your sales manager(s)!


“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person!” 

I have had the good fortune of falling in love with this girl 100’s of times  as she  consistently continues to pursue the becoming best version of herself day in and day out! She is an amazing combination of lover, adventurer and partner as we pursue sucking every last drop of joy out of this life we share!

If you haven’t met Christie you need to. If you have you know exactly what I mean. Thanks for all of your support babe. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love you! Go Team Jacobus … 

jason and caitlyn


One of the great joys in my life has been the privilege of being father to our son Jason! To watch him grow into an extraordinary man, husband and father has been an amazing blessing. Many of you already know him as he literally “grew up” in the business and has been with us all over the world. Many of you know him as he sold for our team for the first 3 years after graduating from TCU in Ft Worth.

Today he is married to Caitlyn whom we adore (yep! I passed the “marry up” gene on to him), has a son named Loklan, is an outstanding sales rep for an oil and chemical company in the Dallas Ft Worth area and is about to finish his MBA at the Cox School of Business at SMU.



When we first found out that Jason and Caitlyn were going to have their first child a good friend of mine, who was already a grandfather a couple of times over, told me I was about to join the coolest fraternity on the planet! Well, he was certainly right.

It is an awesome experience watching a young one, that you have a great love for, grow into a little boy and eventually a young man. The perspective of a grandparent is awesome as you can see all that is going on in a context that isn’t available when you are a parent. What a joy it is, and will be, to enjoy this little guy’s life as his “Pop”!

Jim Christie fishing

A Regular Guy

It would probably come as no surprise to know that we work hard and play just as hard if not harder. I am fiercely dedicated to building a healthy, vibrant lifelong marriage with Christie and we are having a blast doing just that. When I am not working I …

  • Love all things outdoors
  • Am a competitive racquetball player
  • Am an avid golfer
  • Love adventuring and traveling with Christie
  • Enjoy the privilege of sitting on a number of boards

In his book “A Pirate Looks At Fifty” the author Jimmy Buffet says “the best revenge to death is to live life well”! If tomorrow happened to be my last day I would clearly have had my full revenge on death!

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