Why Clients Trust Jim

J acobus learned a long time ago that decision makers have a much easier time investing in programs they know will deliver bottom line results. How does he consistently do just that?

  • Every program will be custom designed, developed and delivered with your valued outcomes and desired results as the key focus! We refuse to  deliver a canned “one size fits all” program!
  • Jim’s experience provides the depth and width needed to deliver the precise results you need from your event!
  • Jim doesn’t just talk about results he puts a unique process into place to deliver them. Check out the “How We Guarantee Your Results” overview below!

How We Guarantee YOUR Results …

It doesn’t matter what size the program is, from TedTalk to 10 day sales training program, our follow-up process that delivers YOUR results is the same! It is expressly designed to push the outcomes and learning objectives identified during needs analysis and custom program design well into the future. Your participants will benefit from the additional learning and implementation opportunities and you will love the ROI!

  STEP 1

As a post event review tool we will take your customized presentation back to our offices and create a voice over video that reinforces the key points from that presentation. We will also add additional comments pertaining to discussions, comments and questions from your program and/or event that will add additional learning points for them to consider!

  STEP 2

Approximately 30 days after the event we will deliver a live webinar driven by collected FAQ’s your participants will have in the days immediately following the event. We want to help them as they work to implement their action steps from the program we deliver. This is a step they welcome as participants take what they learned from the “seat to the street”!

  STEP 3

Once a month, for the next 4 months, we will create a customized 15 to 20 minute video to send to your participants. These videos will be designed to again cover key concepts taught and will be add additional learning materials to continue to facilitate even more learning and implementation of their action items! About the time we are done with the follow-up they can’t wait to get to your next event!

This consistent plan of reinforcing and driving key learning points well into the future will exponentially increase the implementation of the strategies, tactics, real world skills and mindset taught. The Return On Investment for time, energy and monies you and your participants have invested in your event and our programs will grow exponentially as well!

The Top 10 Reasons Clients Hire Jim For Their Events!

It all comes down to delivering your valued outcomes and desired results so your people will have their businesses and lives impacted in a significant way! Check out the Top 10 Reasons clients have booked Jim for their events over the last 2 decades plus!

The Top 10 Reasons Clients Hire Jim For Their Events ...

#1 – Jim knows his stuff!
#2 – He delivers your valued outcomes and desired results, not his canned program.
#3 - Jim has a proven process for consistently delivering those results.

The Top 10 Reasons Clients Hire Jim For Their Events ...

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What Clients Are Saying

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