In the Sales Arena Newsletter – Coming Soon

Hey gang …

Beginning the first week in December, 2019 we will be sending our a monthly in the Sales Arena Monthly Newsletter to all of our followers on both the In the Sales Arena free content as well as our Premium Content subscribers. We really want to do two important things with each month’s edition that we believe will bring value to our community of sales professionals.

The first goal will to be recapping the content from the past month and putting it all into one place so if you were really busy the month before and didn’t get to checking out what we shared with you it will be really easy to decide what you want to go back and check out!

The second goal of the Sales Arena Monthly Newsletter will be to bring you some new stuff in the form of articles we think would be helpful, links to cool resources we think you will find valuable and any other stuff we think will help you build your business!

And the third goal will be to preview what lies ahead for the coming month so you will know what to look forward to and make plans to attend one, or more, of our premium events live!

So … from 30,000ft it will look something like this;

  • Intro to the Sales Arena Monthly Newsletter for the month
  • What’s new this month
    • Articles
    • New resources
    • Other cool stuff
  • Recap of last month’s content
    • Top blog entries
    • Podcast recaps
    • In the Sales Arena Sales Training Webinar review
    • “No Holds Barred” Q&A Coaching Calls Reviewed
    • Master Sales Gladiator Interviews Reviewed

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We look forward to having you as a subscriber to the newsletter …

Jim Jacobus