5 Things To Do Before You Ever Hire A Speaker …


Things You Should Check Out Before Hiring Any Speaker!

  1. Check out their background! How long have they been a speaker? What did they do before they became a speaker? How successful have they been both professionally and personally? Your audience will know right away if your presenter is the real deal real or a phony who just happens to be a smooth presenter!
  2. Check out their website and any other marketing materials available! Are they current, professional and do they communicate the level of experience and accomplishment you are looking for from your speaker?
  3. Check out their demo videos, YouTube channels, webinars and any other recordings and see if their delivery style and level of content is what you are looking for!
  4. Check out their client list! Is it full of the easily recognizable, well thought of and successful clients like yourself?
  5. Last but not least, the best thing every client should do is to take the 15 to 30 minutes necessary to get on the phone with their candidates and talk to them one on one! Be sure and ask the speaker critical questions like:
    • How will you go about customizing your program to fit the specific needs of our audience?
    • How can you help us maximize our investment and drive your message out into the future for our attendees?
    • What results and outcomes can we expect from your presentation?
    • What three words would audiences use to describe you?
    • What three words would decision makers and meeting planners use to describe you?

Who you invite to speak to your people is an important decision! Hopefully these ideas will help you make a great choice …

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Jim Jacobus, CSP