4 Things You Must Know To Have a Successful Speaking/Training Business!

Hey gang!

What a treat it was for Lois Creamer and me to share this fun and informational webinar with you guys on Wednesday April 16th! We hope you learned a lot of things that will help you have all of the success you dream of for your speaking career and that you are willing to do all of the hard work necessary to make that dream a reality. I think I can safely speak for both Lois and myself in saying that we learned some things from you as well. So, we thank you for your participation and for the privilege of serving you!

Following you will find as many of the resources as I/we can remember talking about yesterday beginning with the replay of the webinar itself. Feel free to reach out to either one of us if we can be of any additional help to you in the future. God speed and best of luck to each of you as you pursue this awesome business!

The 4 Things Webinar Recording!


lois3Lois Creamer’s Stuff!

Her website is – www.bookmorebusiness.com and she is the best of the best at working with speakers who want to book more business, make more money and avoid costly mistakes! Although she has worked with celebrity speakers, most of her clients are mere mortals! She is known for her work on positioning, selling, leveraging and overall speaker strategies. She started Book More a Business in 1998. You can reach her at lois@bookmorebusiness.com.

Here is the link to Lois’ blog on the importance of a “one sheet” – http://bookmorebusiness.com/blog/the-importance-of-a-one-sheet-to-your-speaking-practice/ and you can download her one sheet to use as a template by clicking here …  (Sorry, this link is broken … we are working to repair it. Feel free to e-mail Lois for a copy of her one sheet in the meantime.) .

Also, Lois wanted to share with you her Pre-Program Questionnaire that she uses before speaking. This is an outstanding example and could be used as is but we always suggest adding in questions that gather specific information you will need to be able to serve your speaking clients most effectively. Grab Lois’ PPQ by clicking here … Lois Creamer PPQ Questionnaire .

Again, thanks Lois for your amazing kind heart and your generosity!

DSC_4576Jim Jacobus’ Stuff

I am blessed to say that I have been in this business since March 1st, 1992 … yep that is a long time and I began my career when I was 12! Right! That said, I am a sales guy with 17 years of sales and sales management background with Fortune 100 sales orgs and now 22 years as a keynote speaker, trainer, consultant and I carry a small case load of coaching clients that are mostly C Suite sales types.

Our specialty is helping sales organizations select and train high performance sales teams. We design, develop and rollout large training initiatives for clients like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Halliburton, Akzo Nobel and others. I use keynoting as a channel to introduce our work to broad audiences and from there we develop relationships for our consulting practice. I am currently working on my first book and yes, it should have been done long, long ago! I encourage you not to make that mistake!

You can reach me at jim@jjacobus.com and our website is www.jjacobus.com. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook and/or on Linked-In. With your permission we will continue to share opportunities with you to grow your career with the promise of never spamming you. I am a mentee of Tom Antion and our commitment of 95% free stuff that will help you grow your career and your life in exchange for the privilege of sharing with you 5% stuff we sell. That has always seemed fair to me and our database of 40,000+ followers seem to like it as well.

A couple of things I recommended …

www.redpupmedia.com – these are the guys that help us develop our web presence. Rob and his gang are the absolute best at leveraging the WordPress platform into beautiful and functional websites. If you are trying to get an effective and affordable website up and running, or re-working your old site, I encourage you to reach out to him at rob@redpupmedia.com!

The National Speakers Association – this is a priceless resource for anyone wanting to build a speaking and training business! There are tons of resources available at http://www.nsaspeaker.org/resources/ , on their NSA Facebook page, by being a member of the national association or joining your local NSA Chapter! The spirit that created this webinar and sharing our best ideas to help others is the same spirit you will find in 98% of the amazing professionals in NSA! Check it out …

Toastmasters International – if you are not currently a member of Toastmasters Lois and I both encourage you to find a local chapter that fits you (you may have to check out 3 or 4 to find just the right one) and at least get your first 10 speeches done. This is a great place to hone your speaking skills with others who are doing the same and will support and challenge you in your journey. Check them out at http://www.toastmasters.org/!

I think that is it! If I left out anything you were looking for then let me know and I will add it to this post! Like we said, thanks for the privilege of serving you and your speaking career.

Best of luck to each of you,

Lois and Jim!