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“I have worked with Jim for years and he is one of my favorite people, on and off the stage. I have learned personal lessons and sales lessons from him that are now part of my daily life. He is one of the most ethical people I know and most important … Jim walks his talk!”
Nancy Lauterbach – www.redprops.com

From the very beginning I was wondering if we were going to see a real Return On Investment for 8 days of sales training, 3 different languages, 2 continents and a very healthy 7 figure budget. Bottom line … you did it my friend! In just the changes we made through the “Value Based Selling” approach you taught our team we paid for the training several times over. Perhaps even more valuable … our team learned what it means to be a real pro!

VP of Sales | International Paint

Our sales team is made up of a bunch of tech guys who are running a fracking truck or some other field equipment one day and the next day they are in sales, sitting behind a desk with a coat and tie and a client list. How do you train them to become relational and build “trusted advisor” status with another human? Easy … you hire Jim Jacobus to custom design and deliver a sales training program and you make a commitment to his long term follow-up process! The big problem I have now is our sales teams from all over the world asking me “when is Jim coming back”? Great job and how does your schedule look …

VP of Sales | Division of Halliburton

You have taught at so many conventions, conferences and workshops people are beginning to think you are a part of our education staff! The reality is you do your homework in a way that you might as well be “internal”. Thanks for always being such a great partner. Our dealers and their teams love you and we do too …

Director of Learning & Education

I always thought there was too much emphasis on “the process of selling”! Not anymore! I appreciated your acknowledging how important building high trust relationships can be to long term success in sales. What I didn’t expect was how easily you made me see that my relationships can be built even stronger and I can establish even more trust by consistently executing the sales process you taught us. I’m a believer now …

Mary – Major Account Rep | Siemens

I had a real dilemma! To make a splash at PWC you needed to develop a lot of new business but “selling” has always seemed so unprofessional to me. Add to the mix that I didn’t spend all of that time in college and grad school to become a sales person and like I said, I had a real dilemma! Thanks Jim for showing me that selling is a skill set I can learn and master and for making it abundantly clear that it can be done in a professional manner. Look out world … a new “rainmaker” has been born!

Jarrod – A New partner | PricewaterhouseCoopers

Came in a convict and left a student! Thanks for inspiring me to become a learner Jim. That was fun …

Territory Sales Rep | Akzo Nobel

I still have the “high impact questions” we came up with in my portfolio and I am still using the simple, methodical and effective qualifying, and listening, techniques we learned in your class! They make finding out what my clients really need and how I can bring value to our relationship an easy process! Thanks Jim …

Mike – Major Account Rep | ABB Power

My sales have shot through the roof since you taught me to look at my sales territory as my own small business! Learning to make ROI decisions about how I spend my time and who I spend it with has me on track to have my best year ever. And, thanks for taking time with me after class to walk through some of the stuff I was having a hard time learning. I know you were tired but you spent the time anyway. That speaks volumes about your authenticity when you say you are glad to help us become better sales professionals!

Christine – Territory Rep | FedEx

I don’t want to get all sentimental here and I know it is such a cliché but “you make me want to be a better man”! Thanks for the outstanding sales training but thank you even more for the life lessons and your role modeling what it means to be a man, a husband and a father of integrity and character. I will remember that long after the sales training has been forgotten!

Pat – Account Rep | Hess Corporation

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