The Top 10 Reasons Clients Choose Jim Jacobus, CSP

#10 – Jim knows his stuff! Over two decades of designing, developing and delivering programs has created a depth of knowledge his clients depend on.
#9 – he is focused on delivering your valued outcomes and desired results, not his canned program.
#8 – he has a proven process for consistently delivering those results.
#7 – he creates the perfect balance you want between education, motivation and entertainment
#6 – Jim and his team are world class when it comes to making certain every detail attended to
#5 – His been there, done that but still working on it attitude connects with the audience at a professional and personal level!
#4 – His real world approach has participants believing they “can do it too”!
#3 – Every audience knows immediately that Jim cared enough to do his homework!
#2 – He is a meeting planner’s dream when it comes to being flexible and doing whatever needs to be done to make the event a success!

#1 – Jim consistently delivers bottom line results! His “what every client receives” follow-up program drives the participant’s learning, and your ROI, well out into the future!

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