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While Jim is certainly adept at delivering compelling keynotes, breakout sessions and full day programming he is probably most effective and may even be best known for the large consulting projects he has worked on and delivered through the years! Following is a sampling of the depth Jim and his team can bring to you, your organization and your people. If a learning and development program, with a well defined and measurable ROI, is of interest to you then let’s talk! If selecting, developing and retaining is on your agenda then let’s talk! If you need a consulting on all things sales and sales management then … let’s talk!

World Wide Protective Coatings Manufacturer

  • Results: Stopped discounting a number of products as a result of “Value Based” training!
  • Results: Established a well defined sales process
  • Results: Created a new sales culture and established a common sales language
  • Results: A measurable ROI of 4x the program costs

This project had us design, develop and deliver an 8 full day sales training curriculum for 300+ sales and sales management personnel. When rolled out the program had over 60 well defined learning objectives with specific attention paid to how those objectives would be accomplished, and measured!

One thing that was particularly interesting, and challenging, about this project was the clients desire to have the programs delivered in the native language of the participants involved. So, we did just that in 3 different languages – English, Spanish for their team in Mexico and in Portuguese for their South American sales teams. Having all materials, handouts, presentation slides, role plays, training aids and the training itself translated and delivered in all three languages was a blast and much appreciated by the participants!

The final day was a total skills test of what they had learned through the training delivered in the form of a “sales game”. Read below about how we pulled this awesome “post test” off!

Big 4 Financial Services Firm

  • Results: Established all “best practices” standards for business development firm wide
  • Results: Eliminated the cultural fear of “selling is unprofessional”
  • Results: Defined a permanent “business development” nomenclature adopted firm wide
  • Results: A measurable ROI of 3x the program costs

One of our favorite all time projects was to design, develop and deliver the original “Business Development 101″ course for every client facing professional in 3 divisions of this worldwide firm. This program was rolled out at a time when sales training was a totally foreign concept in the Big 4 professional services firms. As a matter of fact, while it was indeed “sales training” in its purest form our team was directed to call it “business development’ training!

As a part of the project scope we designed and developed all materials, training aids, handouts, role plays and training slides for this program. This project had a total of 20+ world class training and development professionals engaged in the program roll out and delivery. The total number of days in training delivered were more than 1,700.

Note: As a part of the program roll out we bench marked, assessed and did a comparative analysis of the behaviors, workplace motivators and core skills/competencies of 900+ senior level professionals. We presented our findings and debriefed the individual results at an annual firm wide leadership symposium.

Iconic Automotive Organizations

  • Results: Designed and delivered sales and sales management program monthly for 15+ years
  • Results: Designed selection process for automotive distributor that reduced turnover by 38% annually
  • Results: Designed and delivered sales management training for major US auto manufacture and their dealer organization
  • Results: A trusted consultant, speaker and trainer to the National Automobile Dealers Association for almost 2 decades

Strange how being in just the right place at the right time can open doors when one is prepared to walk through them. We have spent a lot of time through the years working with a select group of outstanding automotive organizations in a variety of capacities. Our primary value to this industry comes from consulting and designing, developing and delivering training programs. We love this industry and the associated industries it has introduced us to!

For over 2 decades we have been a trusted resource for automotive manufacturers like GM, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi and others. Have worked with numerous associations that serve the industry. And have done grassroots consulting and training for dealers and dealer groups representing almost every major brand in the marketplace.

What we are known for is understanding the industry and crafting custom solutions that deliver measurable bottom line results!

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