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When we asked our decision makers, meeting planners and bureau partners what they wanted in a website the answer was a resounding … “make it easy to access the things we need to be able to determine if you are the guy we want to book for our event!” So, that is what we did. We put everything our experience tells us you wanted right here, with one click access, on our Start Here page. The one button we prefer you click is the “Call Me” button so we can discuss what we can do to deliver your valued outcomes and desired results and make your event a total success!

Why Clients Trust Jim!

Simple ... he focuses on delivering YOUR valued outcomes and bottom line results. Then his one of a kind process will drive those results well into the future! We encourage you to take a few minutes to learn the magic behind how it all happens and imagine the impact it will have on your people and your event!

It's No Accident ...

Jim is the consultant, keynote speaker and trainer of choice for clients like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Halliburton, Mercedes Benz, American Bankers Association and many others! When they need results and want someone who will always have their best interest at heart they turn to Jim. You will too ...

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“I have worked with Jim for years and he is one of my favorite people, on and off the stage, because he walks his talk!” Nancy Lauterbach
– RedProps

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Would you like to know if Jim's style is right for your event? Will he be able to connect with your attendees in a way that will make a difference in their lives both professionally and personally? Does he have the kind of real world content that will grab both their head and their hearts?

Demo Reels, Webinars & Top Ranked Podcasts ...

More importantly ... will he be the speaker people rave to you about long after the event is over? Take some time to check out Jim's demo reels, webinar replays and top ranked podcast to see how deep the content goes and experience his unique ability to connect with his audience! Then talk with Jim to see if he can make it happen for you and your team at your next event.

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Our Most Requested Program Themes

Every presentation we deliver is fully customized! We start the process of creating your program with proven themes our clients have found most valuable through the years. We ask every client 4 questions ...

The 4 Questions We Ask ...

To determine what program theme would work best for you are: What are your expectations in terms of the depth of content? What level of motivation would work best for your people? What amount of entertainment would your attendees most appreciate? Finally, what are your valued outcomes and desired results? See our most popular programs ...

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Our 'Virtual Brochure'

We love it that we are past the days of printed brochures! It is so much easier to put all of our information in one place for clients to access and not worry about how many trees are will be sacrificed when it is printed. We just happen to have one reserved for you ...

Our Brochure Answers the Questions ...

Who is this guy?
What does he do?
Why should You Care?
Why Clients Trust Jim?
Our Most Popular Program Themes?
The Top 10 Reasons Clients Hire Jim!
And ... What To Do If You Are Interested?

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The Top 10 Reasons Clients Hire Jim For Their Events!

It all comes down to delivering your valued outcomes and desired results so your people will have their businesses and lives impacted in a significant way! Check out the Top 10 Reasons clients have booked Jim for their events over the last 2 decades plus!

The Top 10 Reasons Clients Hire Jim For Their Events ...

#1 – Jim knows his stuff!
#2 – He delivers your valued outcomes and desired results, not his canned program.
#3 - Jim has a proven process for consistently delivering those results.

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