How To Get A 15 Minute Meeting

No Holds Barred Q&A – How To Get A 15 Minute Meeting With Just About Any Decision Maker!


What an awesome session we had today in our … “No Holds Barred”Q&A Coaching Session! I love the topic and it is one of my favorite to teach as we see fantastic results for those who go out and execute what we will share with you in this session! Welcome to the replay of;

How To Get A 15 Minute Meeting With Just About Any Decision Maker!

In this coaching session we are going to cover the following …

  • Why can’t we get a meeting in the first place?
  • A proven strategy …
  • Some tips …
  • Your toughest questions about reaching “Key Decision makers”!

15 minute meeting

There are three main challenges we see sales people struggle with when getting a 15 minute meeting with prospects1

  1. They don’t communicate what value they are going to bring to the potential client
  2. Most every communication is about themselves and their company instead of focusing on the client and their company
  3. They don’t do anything that differentiates them from every other sales person trying to get in that door to sell them something!

As always, we appreciate your participation! If you have any questions we can cover in future “coaching sessions” then please let us know by going to we will do everything we can to answer them for you.

Go have a great week gang and build the sales career, and life, YOU want!

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