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ITSA #034 – 4 Keys To Making Social Media Work For You In Sales!

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4 Keys To Using Social Media Work For You In Sales!

I love using social media as a sales tool and when you use it properly it can be very effective. Some of the reasons I think it should be a tool in your bag would be:

  • It’s free!
  • It reaches a ton of people for free!
  • It can bring credibility when used well.
  • It can be noticeable by its absence.
  • It is a lot of fun …

The important part of social media is learning to use it properly. Here are 3 Keys to making social media work for you in your sales efforts:

social media

4 Keys To Using Social Media Work For You In Sales!

Key #1 – not all channels are created equal

  • Facebook – primarily B2C
  • Twitter – B2B or B2C
  • Linked In – B2B

Key #2 – You have to have the goods that help people by bringing value to their work and/or personal lives.

Key #3 – you have to be consistent in your delivery whatever channel(s) you choose to create a voice and build up a following.

Key #4 – bring value, bring value, bring value and bring even more value and then they will let you market to them!

We recommend you pick 1 channel at a time, master it and learn how to leverage it before getting involved in another!

Listener Question of the Week – our operations guy is a bully with a lousy attitude and makes things at work very difficult at times. I need to work with him to be successful in the field but I am getting tired of his “crud”. What do you recommend I do?

Quote of the Week – “the price of progress is the pain of change”! Tom Hopkins

Hey gang … wanted to give you all a little heads up! If you are one of our In the Sales Arena premium members and participate in our sales training webinars and coaching webinars please note that we are going to be moving them to Thursday’s beginning in May. This move will help us with some internal logistics and apologize if it creates any inconvenience for you!

Have a great week!

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