3 keys to deciding right sales job

ITSA #032 – 3 Keys To Deciding If You Are In the Right Sales Job!

We have been very fortunate through the years to do sales training all over the world for some of the best of the best sales organizations. During all of that sales training I find myself assessing their teams and many times the individuals. The questions I find myself asking a lot are;

  • Is this person in the right sales position?
  • Should they be in sales at all?

Today we are going to tackle 3 keys, or ways, to determine if you are in the right sales job?

Key #1 – are you working for the right company?

  • Established or new
  • Big or small
  • How much support do they provide?
  • Training available?
  • Management style?

Key #2 – are you selling the right product?

  • Do you love the product?
  • Passionate about it?
  • Fun?
  • Does it impact businesses or people’s lives?
  • Do you believe in it?
  • Sales style required

Key #3 – can you build the sales career, and life, you want in this sales position?

  • Money?
  • Growth opportunities?
  • Will selling this product, for this company, allow you to build the life you want?

The 3 main keys are … 

  • Right company
  • Right product
  • Right opportunity

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