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3 Reasons To Join Me at Platform University!

As we have developed our own membership site here at I have read, listened to, explored and vetted a ton of different resources. My best guess is that we spent close to 2,500 hours listening to free podcasts about podcasts, watching videos about videos and read a ton of blogs about blogging. With all of that “free content” available why would anyone even consider paying for a membership to a content site – theirs, or ours?

The answer is easy for me. They can take me farther than the free content. They can get me there faster than the free content. Or they can provide me information that is more focused than the free content!

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3 Reasons To Join Me at Platform University!

Platform University has taken me farther than any of the free content I have experienced. That means absolutely no disrespect to the awesome stuff I have picked up from experts like Pat Flynn, Cliff Ravenscraft, Michael Stelzner, Ray Roberts, Amy Porterfield (I said we did a lot of studying!) and many others. Their content is amazing. By the shear intent of free content marketing it is designed to leave you wanting more and every one of those folks have “premium services” you can take advantage of.

What is really taking me farther at Platform University is the Master Class Series! There are 27 of them at the writing of this blog post and they are incredible! And the experts, or Masters, that teach those classes have opened up even more great learning as we build our platform.

Platform University is getting me there faster than the free content because there is so much depth in what I am learning through the Backstage Pass! Oh my gosh … whatever I am looking for from social media questions, hardware solutions, software tools and apps and on and on and on I can get immediate access to! That saves me a lot of time and the headaches of mistakes through trial and error.

Don’t tell Michael this … but the cost of Platform U has been paid a 100 times over so far in just that one part of my membership! I love going to this part of the membership site and just browsing for new ideas to grow our own platform.

Platform University is getting me there with more focus than the free content. If I want an answer to a copyrighting question I have to go to one blog or podcast. If I want info on Facebook I go to another. Podcasting still another. With Platform U, when I want an answer to something I can go to one source, There I can get very specific and focused answers to my questions about all of the aspects of building our own platform! That allows me to stay focused, on task and become much more effective.

If I can’t find my answer there (that is rare) I can also ask, and get it answered, in the replays of or during the Live Q&A sessions at Platform U. I love how Platform University is keeping me on task and focused as we build our platform!

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It would have been easy to write 101 Reasons To Join Me At Platform University but that would have taken a month and you probably wouldn’t read it all any way. Here’s the deal … if you are writing a blog. publishing a book, pushing out a podcast, building a membership site or a dozen other ways of sharing content you are passionate about then if you want to go farther, faster and more focused I encourage you to join me at Platform University!

Michael and the team at Platform U have set up a free opt in to a value packed video series you will love. I think it is a great way to check these guys out and determine if their stuff is for you. To check it out, and learn more about Platform University Click Here!

I look forward to seeing you there …

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